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Now offering Remote PC Repair and Data Recovery!

We are pleased to announce a new service to internet users, Our techies can solve a wide variety of computer related problems from small glitches to a crashed network. No job is too big or small and you only have to pay for the time you need. With a Full Service Remote Techie you will have no contracts or unused blocks of time...and best of all...no more wasted money!
Here are just a few of the services that our Full Service Remote Gurus can provide:

Locate and exterminate running viruses
Identify and eliminate spyware applications
Install new software on your computer
Assist with hardware installation
Solve pesky computer glitches
Unlock hidden features on your computer
Assist with your printer or other peripheral devices
Teach you the best way to maintain your computer
Increase the security of your Internet connection
And much more!

Click on the link below to download our remote
connection utility and save it to your desktop.

Client Connection


Crashed Hard Drive? We Can Help!

Our data recovery service restores critical business information from hard drives that have suffered due to -

Accidental Formatting
Accidental Deletion
Hard Drive Crash
Equipment Malfunction
Software Corruption
Computer Virus Attack
Natural Disasters
Power Surges and Outages

Using special data recovery techniques, methods, and tools we offer timely, affordable data recovery services to small businesses and home-based computer users that have lost important files. Never assume your valuable data can't be recovered we find that your data is recoverable the majority of the time!

Please contact us, I am sure we have a solution to all of your needs.

Click the link below to download our brochure.

JAC Web Brochure

Call JAC Webhosting Solutions
at (709) 256-1916 today!


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