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One-Off Data Back Up /Audio/Video CD to CD Duplication

1-19 Copies 20-49 Copies 50-99 Copies 100+ Copies
$8.99 each $7.99 each $6.99 each $5.99 each

This duplication service, from an existing ISO9660 compatible CD includes: Labor & blank CD-R.
NOTE: You must be the copyright holder to request multiple duplicates of copyright material.

Hard Drive to CD Backup

  • 24-Hour Service $14.99 each/650 Mb

  • This service from an IBM compatible Hard Drive to CD Includes: Labour & blank CD-R.

CDR Systems is pleased to announce its newest service available: data storage on durable CD's. Other methods of data storage cannot compare with the reliability and ease of retrieval that CD offers. Our service will provide you with a CD capable of holding up to 650 Mb of information.

  • All you have to do is supply us with the data you want stored. The benefits of CD storage are that the data is permanent, the data is retrievable by the computer for fast lookups of old data and the cost is low.

  • Permanent Protection of your valuable data!

  • Recordable CDs can last more than 100 years.

  • Save Money - Storage on CD is much, much cheaper than storage on Hard Drive.

Our Guarantee: We guarantee absolute confidentiality in respect to your data, and will do everything, to prevent access to unauthorized personnel. However, in the process of recording and pre-authoring, we have to copy your data (in some cases) to our hard disk. You should be aware of this fact, and also, that the files will be deleted in a secure manner to prevent any restoring operation.


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