PC Repair
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JAC Webhosting Solutions provides various range of computer and networking support please click on one of the links for more information on what we have to offer.


You go to the doctors, your pets go to the vets, but what about your PC's?

With our on-site PC Health Checks (only $99 per PC maximum 2.5 hours) we will:

  • Troubleshoot any existing problems you may be having with your Windows OS

  • Install all the latest service packs to Windows 98/2000/XP

  • Update Internet Explorer to the latest release and install relevant patches

  • Update Microsoft Office (97, 2000, and XP) to the latest service packs

  • Install the latest security updates, and anti-virus definitions (anti-virus software charges may apply, must have internet connection).


"Just like a car, if you don't tune-up your PC it will become slower and start to have problems"

Let a professional tune-up your system for peak performance and security.
Our tune-up will ensure that your PC is running to it's true potential.

Services cover the flowing areas:

  • Remove unnecessary programs from starting

  • Update virus software and check for viruses*

  • Uninstall unnecessary programs

  • Delete "trash" files and temporary files

  • Remove unnecessary network settings

  • Fine-tune display settings and set display to fit monitor window - If applicable

  • Run diagnostic software and correct disk/directory errors

  • Defragment the hard drive for better performance

  • Dust Cleaning - The Deadliest Computer Disease - Dust is the silent PC killer. A virus will ruin your data or freeze your PC, but dust will destroy you hardware thru heat build up or in extreme cases, cause a fire. All major magazines & computer companies recommend a cleaning once every 6 months & at a minimum, a full cleaning every year.

We tune-up your computer time taken depending on the size of the computer and how much work is needed. Approx time is 2 hours.


Just leave it in the boxes and call us. We will completely setup your new computer including your printer, scanner, camera etc. We can also teach you how to use your new equipment.

We can set-up a new computer in 30 minutes to 1 hour with other peripherals I.e. Printer, scanner etc.


Many computers can be upgraded to improve performance. We can add more memory, hard disks and even change the processor. We are highly experienced in upgrading PCs and adding peripherals. Call us to discuss your requirements.

One of our Expert PC Consultants will travel to your location with the necessary equipment and spare parts to quickly solve your PC problems based on the following rates:

  • On-site in Gander PC Repairs & Tuning - $35.00 per hour

  • Emergency On-site Response: $100 per hour (Response will be within 3 hours)

  • Scheduled Full Day (8 hours labor): $400 per day

  • Remote Support (Telephone Service): $30 per hour

All services are minimum one hour.

Because we can come to you, there is no need to pack your computer and ship it to the nearest dealer for repairs.

Simply Contact Us to schedule an appointment time to fit your schedule.
We offer same day, next day, after-hours, and weekend service!


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