Photo Restoration
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Bring new life to an old photo, or better life to a new photo!

Repair and restore weathered and worn photos. Have a photo that's in such bad shape you think you'll never be able to frame it again?

Let JAC Computer Services go to work to make it "frame worthy" once again.

Have a black-and-white photo colorized.

Color can add a whole new dimension to that vintage family photo.

Have a background changed. Add flair to an otherwise-boring portrait. Replace busy, distracting backgrounds with new ones. Or just "pretty it up" for effect.

Zone in on what you want. Love that wedding portrait of your grandparents but want to remove the rest of the wedding party? How about that beautiful vacation photo of you that's marred by the presence of a goofy tourist who wasn't supposed to be in the shot? Let us know who stays and who goes, or simply have the picture cropped to your specifications.

Have your photo retouched. Whiten teeth, eliminate red-eye, reduce glare from eyeglasses, fix out-of-place hairs, improve complexion, even out skin tone, remove tan lines...  there are so many possibilities with retouching!

Please use the following prices as ESTIMATES only.  We can provide you will an exact cost upon inspection of your photo.



  • Red eye removal
  • Minor fading, Yellowing                      
  • Facial Shine
  • Glare Reduction
  • Light mould / mildew damage
  • Minor Blemishes / Minor Scratches



Small areas of damage

Photo Discoloration

Moderate Colour Fading

Facial Lines / Digital Facelift

Portrait Retouching

Minor Scratching



Minor facial characteristics missing

Heavy Scratching

Small areas of photo significantly damaged or missing

Moderate mould damage

Paper wrinkle over detailed or facial areas



Large areas of photo missing or significantly damaged


Missing faces; body parts

Severe mould damage

Severe scratching

Large faded areas



"Doomed" photo's that we may not be able to fix

Severe damage accounting for over 90% of the photo


Because we cannot guarantee that we will be able to restore every photo to perfection, "Impossible" restorations may be turned down if we conclude that there is no chance     achieving satisfactory results.




Adding colour to a black and white photo

Add text to your photo

"Art Photos", let us create a digital watercolor or oil painting of your favorite picture

Portrait Glamorization


Converting a colour picture to black and white or sepia

Colour Modifications


ALTERATIONS... Contact Us (Usually $19.99 - $39.99 on top of a retouching/restoration package):


Background changes

Adding or removing a person or object from a photo

Moving a person or object within a photo

Combining Photos

PRINT PRICES (Add the price below to your selected package):

4" x 6" ... $1.99 each                  5" x 7" ... $3.99 each              8" x 10"... $8.99 each.

11" x 14"... $14.99 each.             Wallets (4)... $3.99 / set

Photos kept under glass or in a protective PVC cover and away from direct sun exposure have a rated life of over 80 years before visible signs of fading occur. 



CD archiving:

We can create your own CD with the digital files of your restoration for future use for $14.99 (US$9.99). This option will include saving multiple files at different qualities and compressions for your reprinting or emailing needs.  We can save your photo in several different formats including, but not limited to: TIFF, JPG, BMP, GIF.

Additional CD copies are available for only $4.99 (US$3.49) each.

Photo Collages

Photo collages can be a wonderful way to combine the emotions of several photo's into one collection.  We can create custom collages for you using the photo of your choice and in the style of your choosing.  Contact us to get more information or to find out what type of collage would suit your needs best.

Collages are available in sizes up to 8" x 10" and are ready to frame.  Collages start at $59.99 for 5 pictures.  Each additional photo added into the collage is only $10.  Please contact us for a quote.




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